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Thread: How to distinguish between indexes

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    How to distinguish between indexes

    Dear All,
    I'm creating a utility to compare tables in two different schemas of a database. I need to compare the indexes as well. For that I'm using the static views all_ind_columns and user_ind_columns. My problem is that i'm not able to distinguish between Primary Keys and other indexes. In user_indexes only index name and index columns are given. Is there any way to obtain all primary key indexes and other indexes in a schema seperatly.


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    You need to look at ALL_CONSTRAINTS to know which indexes are primary (CONSTRAINT_TYPE='P') and unique (CONSTRAINT_TYPE='U')

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    Thanks a lot LKBrwn_DBA!!!!

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    Technically an index is used to support a primary key, and is not of a primary key type itself. It doesn't have to be unique, and it doesn't have to have the same columns in the same order either.
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