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Thread: using host commands in oracle

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    using host commands in oracle

    can i use host command (net send) through my SQL/ PL - SQL , not in java oracle interface, procedure with computer name or IP as parameter.

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    There is no native way of calling host commands from PL/SQL. The three options that spring to mind are:

    1) Use a java stored procedure to give you access to the shell:

    2) Write a shared library and call it using External Procedure (EXTPROC) interface. On Windows you can use the COM Cartridge:

    3) In Oracle 10g you can schedule executable jobs which run on the OS. This makes calling executable possible, but it is asynchronous, so your code won't wait for completion of the job, and you won't get an error message returned in the event of a problem.

    Of the three options, I would pick the Java Stored Procedure every time. I guess you don't like this option since you've posted the same question again, after I answered it last time:


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