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    How to upgrade to and apply CPUJan together

    I want to upgrade our DB from to Since the patchset does NOT cover the latest CPU a.k.a Critical Patch Upgrade) in Oct.2005 and Jan.2006, I will have to apply all of them. There are 2 ways to follow:

    1. Upgrade software level and CPUJan together and then upgrade databases;
    2. Upgrade software for and upgrade databases; then apply patch CPUJan and post-installation work on databases.

    I personally like to Option 1 since it will save me time. But I don't have document to back it up. I have tried to search the documents on Metalink. But I found nothing so far.

    Have anyone here done the above work or found any related documents?

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    If you have support with Oracle, then they can guide you.

    Do you have it?


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