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Thread: oracle object selections

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    oracle object selections

    I am new to OO within oracle and am having trouble doing what i'm sure, many of you will view as a trivial piece of programming.

    I have a 'Customer' table, which contains a 'Loyalty_card' object within one of its columns.
    select name, id from customer_objtab
    where Loyalty_card = Loyalty_card_objtyp('loyaltyid', 'id123',0);
    The above code, returns the name and id as expected.

    What I would like to do however, is return a row from my customer table, when its loyalty card object has a specific id. How would I do this?
    In pseudo code, what I want is:

    "select * from customer_objtab
    where the loyalty card it contains
    has an ID value of 'loyaltyid'".

    (DB OO n00b).


    I have solved the problem as follows but being a new post, am unable to delete it:

    select name, id from customer_objtab
    where TREAT(Loyalty_card AS Loyalty_card_objtyp).ID = 'loyaltyid';

    Thanks anyway.
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    You could also use:

    select name, id from customer_objtab o
    where = 'loyaltyid';

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