Hello all,

Currently, the system is running Oracle 9i on Solaris 9. I installed Oracle 10G on this test environment. The systems will eventually get converted to 10G. I have ensured to change the .profile entries in Oracle 9i and use the Oracle 10G profile so they dont overwrite one another. The install of Oracle 10G was successful. The dba's that I am trying to help out asked me if I could also install Oracle 10G companion CD 64 bit version, that is when I ran into problems.

I tried to install it by taking the default path to Oracle 10G on installing the companion cd; but when the prerequisites started, I got the following message:

"Oracle OHS Standalone can not be installed into an existing Oracle RDBMS or higher Oracle home."

Then it aborts.

Now I know that at that time, I had all the Oracle instances down on 9i so it wont interfere with 10G but why is it still seeing 9.2.??? How can I bypass this message and pursue with the install? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

when I type,
oracle@hostname> echo $ORACLE_HOME

I get the path for the Oracle 10G path which is the correct path.