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Thread: exp/imp 9i overwrite

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    exp/imp 9i overwrite

    newby question re exp/imp
    If we do an exp full=y
    and want to import the data into another instance and overwite the data, what do we do?
    If I just do a straight import, presumably entries will not be overwritten? - so do existing objects not get re-created either, and just left alone?
    and if I do not say ignore=y will it fail?
    I basically want to overwrite the existing data in the schema to imp into - can I do that easily?

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    You should start by looking at the import command.
    You can add DESTROY=Y to your parameter list.
    You should specify IGNORE=Y

    C:\>imp help=y
    Import: Release - Production on Tue Jan 24 16:41:39 2006
    Copyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    You can let Import prompt you for parameters by entering the IMP
    command followed by your username/password:
         Example: IMP SCOTT/TIGER
    Or, you can control how Import runs by entering the IMP command followed
    by various arguments. To specify parameters, you use keywords:
         Format:  IMP KEYWORD=value or KEYWORD=(value1,value2,...,valueN)
                   or TABLES=(T1:P1,T1:P2), if T1 is partitioned table
    USERID must be the first parameter on the command line.
    Keyword  Description (Default)       Keyword      Description (Default)
    USERID   username/password           FULL         import entire file (N)
    BUFFER   size of data buffer         FROMUSER     list of owner usernames
    FILE     input files (EXPDAT.DMP)    TOUSER       list of usernames
    SHOW     just list file contents (N) TABLES       list of table names
    IGNORE   ignore create errors (N)    RECORDLENGTH length of IO record
    GRANTS   import grants (Y)           INCTYPE      incremental import type
    INDEXES  import indexes (Y)          COMMIT       commit array insert (N)
    ROWS     import data rows (Y)        PARFILE      parameter filename
    LOG      log file of screen output   CONSTRAINTS  import constraints (Y)
    DESTROY                overwrite tablespace data file (N)
    INDEXFILE              write table/index info to specified file
    SKIP_UNUSABLE_INDEXES  skip maintenance of unusable indexes (N)
    FEEDBACK               display progress every x rows(0)
    TOID_NOVALIDATE        skip validation of specified type ids
    FILESIZE               maximum size of each dump file
    STATISTICS             import precomputed statistics (always)
    RESUMABLE              suspend when a space related error is encountered(N)
    RESUMABLE_NAME         text string used to identify resumable statement
    RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT      wait time for RESUMABLE
    COMPILE                compile procedures, packages, and functions (Y)
    STREAMS_CONFIGURATION  import streams general metadata (Y)
    STREAMS_INSTANITATION  import streams instantiation metadata (N)
    The following keywords only apply to transportable tablespaces
    TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE import transportable tablespace metadata (N)
    TABLESPACES tablespaces to be transported into database
    DATAFILES datafiles to be transported into database
    TTS_OWNERS users that own data in the transportable tablespace set
    Import terminated successfully without warnings.
    this space intentionally left blank

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    Drop the schema and do the imp would be the right way to do.
    "What is past is PROLOGUE"

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    and if I only want to import data for one user, and leave the rest alone, but I still want to overwrite the data for that one user, then how do I do it?
    Someone told me not to use destroy=y - it is not strictly used to overwrite the data, but will get rid of the actual existing datafiles and can leave you in the lurch (so to speak)?
    I am a litle confused as to what destroy=y means - obviosuly in my case I only want to overwrite the one user on the database, not all of them, and presumably the datafile would be in use by many users, therfore if I destroed it, would end up losing the data for the other exisiting users?
    or do I have it all wrong?

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    If you want to overwrite only one user then you need not do full export/import. You can export required schema, drop the schema on the target and then import.

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    thanks a lot, will remove schema for the user then do an import fromuser touser.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sunil_kandi
    If you want to overwrite only one user then you need not do full export/import. You can export required schema, drop the schema on the target and then import.
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    "What is past is PROLOGUE"

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    yep thanks, presumably I use owner=myuser on the export?
    then do imp fromuser=myuser on the import

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