I have been working to resolve this for 2 days. I have a package
specification and body that compile successfully. I have a file
containing a call to the procedure that is in the package body. This file has the variables listed first and then the EXEC statement listed next. It is very long, so I won't take up space to print the whole thing here, but here is a glimpse of what it looks like:

VAR v_vis_c_fname VARCHAR2(10)
VAR v_vis_c_lname VARCHAR2(15)
[more variables listed here]...

EXEC load_names_p.pr_load_names (:v_vis_c_fname, :v_vis_c_lname, [more variables listed here]...)

I get the PLS-00306 error when I execute the command to call the
procedure. I am executing this file from SQL*Plus using the @call_procedures command (call_procedures is the name of the file that contains the code above.

I have checked over and over again to see if any of the variables in
the calling procedure file above are misspelled or missing. I even took
all the variables from the actual procedure in the package body, the
declaration section of the file above that calls the procedure, and the variables listed after the EXEC statement in the file above that calls theprocedure, put them in an excel worksheet, looked at them side-by-side, and they are all identical.

I also checked the data type of each variable in the declaration
section of the file above that calls the procedure and compared them with their associated columns in the database tables, and they are all correct.

The code in the procedure is rather simple at this point, but is many pages long, so I don't want to paste it all here. But suffice it to say that all this procedure does at this point is select values from tables into the variables that i've declared.

If all of my variables are listed correctly in the file above that calls
the procedure, and each of their data types is also correct, can
anyone think of any other reason why I would get a "PLS-00306 Error: Wrong number of types of arguments in call to procedure" error
message? What else could it be? I am at my wits end!

Thank you,