I have windows nt with oracle 816 on it and a remote linux server with oracle 815 on it. To access the remote server I have created an alias in my local tnsnames.ora file and I can access that server by specifying user@alias way. I have a oracle user named 'mserd' on my remote server . I have also created a database link to remote server which connects to this 'mserd ' user directly and can access it's database. I have a different query now .
If I query V$SESSION table of the remote server from SYS user then it shows 20 records out of which 19 having username 'mserd' with STATUS as 'INACTIVE'. Even if I shutdown remote database and startup and and query again it shows me same result. Why this is happening ? Is it because my database link is always active ? Why those inactive sessions remains even if I shutdown and restart and then without using 'mserd' user I am seeing result from SYS user. Is it any how can cause problem in future ?