My client has certain requirement for their application. I need to know whether the following is possible. If so how to implement. I simplified the situation for understanding.

1. Got two tablespaces: tab1 and tab2
2. Each tablespace has one table: Table1 for tab1 and Table2 for tab2.
3. Data of each tablespace backed up on week1 separately. Now, I have two backup files viz. tab1_wk1.bkp for tab1 and tab2_wk1.bkp for tab2. Bakup is performed with RMAN.
4. Inserted data on both tables, Table1 and Table2
5. Backed up data separately for tab1 and tab2 on week2. Backup files: tab1_wk2.bkp and tab2_wk2.bkp.
6. On week3, I want to restore data of tab1(only) from week1. So the status of the tablespaces should be:

tab1: contains data upto week1 (No data that inserted in step-4)
tab2: contains data upto present time(contain data that inserted in step4)

Is it possible. I tried to do this simulation, but could not do that.

Appreciate your view/tips in advance.