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Thread: htp.prn does not write CR or lineshift

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    htp.prn does not write CR or lineshift

    We have just migrated from 9.X to 10.X and changed from Unix to Windows enviroment. However our PL/SQL pages are not behaving as before.

    Our procedures processes files created on windows enviroment, and they therefore contain the 1310 CR/LS, however when doing a htp.prn they are not returned the browser.

    Using htp.print does output the 1310, but htp.print is not usable in our application.

    Any suggestions?

    PS: Sorry for my poor english skills

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    Can you just concatenate the carriage return and line feed characters to the string?

    You could define your own "print" procedure that does the concatenation. Otherwise, you would have to do it for each and every call to htp.prn. Something like:

    procedure myPrint (pi_string in varchar2)
    crlf char(2) := chr(13) || chr(10);
    htp.prn(mystring || crlf);
    end myPrint;

    And then in your plsql page:

    myPrint('Hello World');

    should give you the same as

    htp.print('Hello World');


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