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    Apps startup scripts..

    Hi app's Gurus,

    I installed oracle apps 11.5.10 on Lunux.

    Can some one tell us what services needs to be started once we reboot the system? In which order these services need to be started and how do we check that these services are indeed up? Where do we find the log files for these services?


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    You need to start the database services and make the listener up and in addition to these services we need to start

    806 listener -> tns --> adalnctl.sh start
    apache -> httpd --> adapcctl.sh start
    forms -> f60srvm, f60webmx --> adfrmctl.sh start
    reports -> rwmts60 --> adrepctl.sh start
    concurrent manager services -> FNDLIBR --> adcmctl.sh start

    The above scripts are located in the

    To start all the services at once we can use the the script

    adstrtal.sh-------> Will start all the apps services
    adstpall.sh-------> Will stop all the apps sevices

    Once these services are started you check the services are started or not by the follwing syntax
    ps -ef | grep ----------------> shows all services that are up
    ps -ef | grep | grep f60srvm ---------->show all forms service
    ps -ef | grep | grep iAS -----------> shows all apache services
    ps -ef | grep | grep r60 -----------> shows all reports services

    Hope this works

    Rohit Denzil
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    Thanks a lot Rohit.

    Thank you very much for your help Rohit.

    Let me run these scripts to start and stop the services.

    I will post the results.

    One quick question:
    My database is Why do I have to start '806 listener -> tns' ? What does 806 listener do?


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    tested ad... scripts and works like a charm.


    I tested the adxxxxx scripts you mentioned and they work like a charm.

    I could able to reboot the system and bring the apps up.

    Thanks Rohit.


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