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Thread: sqlplus question

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    I am trying to paste some 300 lines of code from a file to sqlplus window on
    windows NT ,but after pasting some 95 lines it is not pasting any further.
    Is there any setting i can modify so that i can paste any noof lines of code
    to sqlplus window. Please advise.

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    Paste operation


    You can paste the lines into a file, and then read this SQL file from SQL*Plus using:

    SQL> @your_filename_goes_here.sql

    Roberto S Nakai
    NZ Technology

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    Re: Paste operation

    THis is 'cos the buffer limit in SQLPLUS, Do one thing:

    open NotePad in new session, then paste the file in it, and finally you can paste any length as you want to from NotePad to the SQLPLUS environment.

    Take care

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