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    on HPUX: Insufficient privs when connect as sysdba

    On HPUX Itanium,

    when I attempt to connenct as sysdba this is the error i get.. I even tried sqlplus "system/manager as sysdba"
    I set my $Oracle_Home and $SID but no luck...

    sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    I get ora-1031 insufficient priveledges
    cat /etc/group
    uid=101(oracle) gid=101(oinstall) groups=102(dba)
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    echo $TWO_TASK

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    nothing pando.....
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    i found a note...
    Doc ID: Note:50507.1
    Subject: SYSDBA and SYSOPER Privileges in Oracle
    Status: PUBLISHED

    line 3..it says...
    3) OSDBA & OSOPER Groups on Unix
    The 'OSDBA' and 'OSOPER' groups are chosen at installation time and usually both default to the group 'dba'.
    These groups are compiled into the 'oracle' executable and so are the same for
    all databases running from a given ORACLE_HOME directory.
    The actual groups being used for OSDBA and OSOPER can be checked thus:

    cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
    cat config.[cs]

    The line '#define SS_DBA_GRP "group"' should name the chosen OSDBA group.
    The line '#define SS_OPER_GRP "group"' should name the chosen OSOPER group.

    If you wish to change the OSDBA or OSOPER groups this file needs to be modified
    either directly or using the installer.

    Eg: For an OSDBA group of 'mygroup'

    If your platform has config.c (this is the case for HP-UX, Compaq Tru64
    Unixware and Linux):

    Change: #define SS_DBA_GRP "dba"
    to: #define SS_DBA_GRP "mygroup"

    To effect any changes to the groups and to be sure you are using the groups
    defined in this file relink the Oracle executable.
    Be sure to shutdown all databases before relinking:

    rm config.o
    make -f ins_rdbms.mk config.o ioracle

    For a group to be accepted by Oracle as the OSDBA or OSOPER group it must:

    - Be compiled into the Oracle executable
    - The group name must exist in /etc/group (or in 'ypcat group' if NIS is being
    - It CANNOT be the group called 'daemon'

    Note: The commands above are examples and may vary between platforms.
    Note: Some Oracle documentation refers to the ability to define OSDBA and OSOPER
    roles using group names of the form 'ORA_sid_OSDBA'.
    This functionality has not been implemented on Unix (See Bug 224071)
    when i cat the file.

    trxp@raman:/apps/oracle/product/9.2.0/rdbms/lib > cat config.c
    /* SS_DBA_GRP defines the UNIX group ID for sqldba adminstrative access. */
    /* Refer to the Installation and User's Guide for further information. */

    #define SS_DBA_GRP "oinstall, dba"
    #define SS_OPER_GRP "oinstall, dba"

    char *ss_dba_grp[] = {SS_DBA_GRP, SS_OPER_GRP};
    the group should be oinstall...so if I edit the config.c and do makefile should it cause any issues?
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