Hi everybody

i'm a new member here i hope i'm welcome

i have a Qesetion and i want u to help me :(


my friend asked me to help her in this task :
her taecher asked her to make a comparsion between four database systems and choose the best one for implementing in a "Bank" as a business
she wants to know which is the most secure ,which is the cheapest ,which one is having the best backup tools and which system have the approprite size.

the systems that she is asked to compare are :

Microsoft SQL server2000
Oracl 9i
Microsoft access 2000

the Attributes that she is interested in are(in this exact order):


but unfortunatly i don't know that much about these systems

so please can u help my friend just by giving each system a mark indecating what does it provid for each Attribute and if u know any useful articals can u tell me about them ???

i'm sorry for bothering u and thank u very much for ur time