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Thread: Checksum Question for Shell script

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    Checksum Question for Shell script

    in HPUX: I am copying oracle datafiles from one mountpoint to another
    the total size is about 250Gb. I wanted to perform a checksum on the target and make sure the files came overy properly.

    /s01 to /u01
    /s02 to /u02

    I tried using "SUM" on these mountpoints but its taking 1+hr to run the checksum. Is there an alternative way?

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    You can explore the possibility of using the unix "dd" utility for doing the copy. I've used it on Sun Solaris for copying datafiles as well to detect possible block corruptions and might work for you on HP. This utility will do the copy and at the same time report the blocks read and blocks copied to the destination details immediately after the copy's done. An example usage would be something like this:

    $ dd if=/mnt/userdata/users01.dbf of=/mnt/elsewhere/users01.dbf

    if => Source
    of => destination

    Good luck and hope this helps!


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