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    Performance Tuning - Time consuming SQL Statements

    Hi All
    I am working on Performance Tuning on Oracle 10g/ Solaris environment.
    I need to write a shell script that gives top 10 Time Consuming SQL Statements...... My client does not want to utilize statspack or OEM for somereasons which i dont know. I am wondering if any of you might help me out ....

    Please post your shell script here .....

    thanks in advance

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    Write a SQL script and shell wrapper to call it. Schedule is with cron.

    If you are doing a tuning assignment for this company I think it would be a perfectly reasonable question to ask why they don't want to use Statspack. Does that mean you aren't going to be able to set session level tracing up either? Why are they trying to make your job more difficult by not letting you use the tools you need?
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