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    Oracle virgin - how do I find out DB structure?


    I've been stuck in a bit of an awkard position. I've been using Microsoft development products all my working life, including SQL Server, and I've now been asked to write an application which is going to have to interface with an Oracle database.

    The DB in question is powering a bought-in application but I need to be able to read and modify the data for other purposes. Before I can do this though I need to get to look at the tables and relationships of the data so I can construct effective queries to retrieve and modify the data that I need.

    I've been to have a look at the Oracle server in question (it's running Windows Server 2003) to see if I can find some sort of graphical interface to allow me to explore the tables and the data in them. In SQL Server I'd use Enterprise manager for this, so I presumed the Oracle Enterprise manager did the same job. However, it doesn't seem to - I can't get a visual listing of table names and without them I can't construct queries to look at the data, let alone find a GUI tool to dump it for me. I'm not even sure I can see the database I'm supposed to be working with.

    Can any of you kind people possibly enlighten me as to how I can get a table listing and/or point me at a good introduction to the Oracle toolset so I can start to get to grips with this beast?


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    What Oracle version are you using?

    OEM can give you what you want, if you know where to look.

    A lot of people use a program called TOAD which gives a nice representation of a database. There is a trial version you can download for free

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    It's version

    I'll take a look at the TOAD - thanks for the tip.

    I've managed to find the table lists under "Schema" in the OEM, but there doesn't seem to be a GUI link to list the data. Guess I can just fire off queries in SQL.

    I'm not entirely sure that the database I need to work with is appearing in OEM. Is it possible that a machine could have a database on it that isn't registered with the OEM?

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    In OEM right click on a table and select view/edit contents to see the data. However if its more than a few thousand rows you need to start filtering.

    Yes a machine could have a database and not be listed in oem. You really need someone to quickly run you through oem (and get you started on the database you want).

    Toad is a great tool for developers. A similar thing is called sqltoolz, available on sourceforge.net and http://sqltools.net/.

    Not quite as good as toad, but its totally free.


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    do the things TOAD do
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