what version we need? newbie
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Thread: what version we need? newbie

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    what version we need? newbie


    hope you can help me out of confusion. The Orcale licenc modell is not quit simple.

    We want to use the replication to provide the data from the livesystem to the Testsystem. On the testsystem we have then two databases.

    1. DB-BAAN (all needed data for the live ERP system)

    1. DB-BAAN (permanetly updated data from livesystem)

    1. DB-BAANT (testdata; maybe a copy of DB-BAAN made 2 times per year)

    So if the Livesystem fails we can switch the user to the testsystem by defining the DB-BAAN database for the SSA ERP LN system on the testsystem. Hope the picture explains what we want to do.

    Is this possible with two "Oracle Standard Editon" installations?



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    windows cluster services is an option for standard edition, standby DB and replication require enterprise.
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