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    SqlPlus Searching in Multiple Directories


    I was wondering. Is it possible to get SqlPlus to search for scripts
    in multiple directories?

    Ive found advice for setting the directory in the login.sql file for a
    single directory reference but not a reference on how to set multiple
    directories using SQLPATH.

    I have scripts spread across several subdirects. off a root directory.
    I would like sqlplus to read for the named script file in the subdirects., this way I dont have to type in lengthy directory strings before the
    name of the script file in a sqlplus.

    In short, Im trying to run, using START, script files from script files.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Would be better attempted using PL/SQL and if so, is there a site
    that gives sample procedures?

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    Yes.. u can set it different directories using colon.

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    Not entirely on topic, but you could also consider turning those scripts into stored procedures. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages, but I like the arrangement better myself where it is possible.
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