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Thread: Estimate for altering a table

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    Estimate for altering a table

    Hi ,

    I need to provide an estimate of Migrating application to the next version.

    This migration involves lot of changes in the Tables. So i need to find out how much time it takes.

    So can u please help me with ur experience.

    1. How much time will it take to add a column or one or more columns to a big Table.

    ( please tell me with ur experience on the no. of rows and the time taken to add a column or more)

    2. How long to delete a column

    3. Have u experience any case where creating a new table is faster instead of altering the Table if we are going to add more than 10 rows

    Please do help me out.

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    You really have to test it. Either on a full size system or a smaller subset and extrapolate the results.

    You'll look a right spoon when its taking much longer that you said and your excuse is "some guys on the interfloppy said it would be much quicker than this"

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