Some time ago I posted a message about Invalid objects in the SYS schema. I found a reason - other people performed 8.1.5 -> 8.1.6 upgraid, and something was did wrong...

Using catproc, catrep and utlrp I fixed almost everithing -
but now I have a lot of invalid Java classes, near of 20%, as I see, and I just have no clue how could I recompile it.
I got that new Toad 6.5 which could show them, and I see now this classes - they are mostly in /oracle/jpub/reflect/ ,
/oracle/jdbc/, /oracle/net/, etc. directories.
I tried to recompile them (as SYSTEM, as SYS) but got the message: The following error has occurred: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges.

That Java stuff is pretty new for me - I tried to find an answer in documentation, but found nothing.
How should i deal with that problem? Which section of Oracle8i documentation covers that specific set of Java stuff administration problems?