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    Question REBUILD ONLINE ORA-01031 problem

    When i run a stored proc containing a line:

    PROC1 Code Snippet
    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'ALTER INDEX ' || w_index_names(w_index_cnt) || ' REBUILD';

    and then execute it, the stored proc runs successfully.

    However, when i use REBUILD ONLINE instead, it gives ORA-01031 "Insufficient privileges" error!!!

    PROC 2 Code Snippet
    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'ALTER INDEX ' || w_index_names(w_index_cnt) || ' REBUILD ONLINE';

    The user has connect and resource along with create/alter/drop any index system privs. The current login id owns both proc1 and proc2

    Which privileges can be granted to avoid this error.

    Proc2 runs successfully when i store and run it from a schema having sysdba privs.

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    Does your user have CREATE TABLE privilege assigned directly, not through role?

    When rebuilding index online, oarcle creates a journal table in the schema where the index resides. After the rebuild, it drops this journal table. Your user should have appropriate *directly granted* system privileges (and sufficient quota on that tablespace) for creating this journal table during the online rebuild.
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    Granting the CREATE TABLE privilege directly worked.

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