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    This is not a pure Oracle Query. Thought I'd put it online here since I assumed some people on this board would also be working on PHP

    I am trying to get PHP to execute an Oracle Stored Procedure and then work with the returned values.

    If the proc returns just a single value i can work fine with the result, but if my proc returns multiple values (a whole row, multiple selects or multiple rows) i cannot work with the result obtained.

    Maybe, i am doing something wrong in writing the proc.. (though the proc works fine from the SQLPLUS prompt, does it have to be written differently to be called from PHP)

    Will be really obliged if somebody could help me with this.. I am a kind of newbie when it comes to ORACLE.. ( SYBASE and MSSQL are more in my line of work) so am having a REALLY BAD TIME with this.... :(

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    What interface are you using to Oracle? OCI, Ora, or ODBC? I know PHP has the OCI library calls and the ORA library calls, I think OCI is more of a standard. Have you tried the PHPLIB DB abstraction Layer? It might put the calls in more generic terms so you don't have to focus on Oracle as much. (Plus it's better application design).

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    Arrow ORA Library

    Could anybody provide me some pointers for PHPLIB DB and ORA library ? I need to deal with capacity and consumption of Oracle database from VC++ application.


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    You can get the libraries from [url]http://phplib.netuse.de/index.php3[/url]

    As for general questions you might want to hit the [url]http://www.phpbuilder.com[/url] forums as they're more geared twoard PHP. They have a PHP/Database forum.

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