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    Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. What I am looking for is a simple way to return record sets to ASP code from a stored procedure. An example:

    There is an oracle supplied package/procedure called CURSOR_DEF.PBDBMS_CURSOR that can be used as an IN OUT variable in a procedure, I.E. C1 IN OUT CURSOR_DEF.PBDBMS_CURSOR. You then say:
    OPEN C1 FOR SELECT blah blah blah..........

    When the procedure ends, C1 is sent out to the Power Builder application and power builder is able to retrieve data from the cursor. Does anyone know of a similar package/procedure for ASP ??

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    Take a look at this article on Microsoft's Product support services web site......This hsould answer your question.
    The article no. is Q229919
    The site is:

    Hope this helps.


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