Hello Techies,

Apologies for the surprise contact but I am looking for someone who can help me develop Technical Tests each consisting of 25 questions in the following areas:

Oracle 8i/9i System Administration, Or
Oracle 8i/9i Database Programming

I am a regular contributor as a service buyer to sites like GetACoder to procure services.

My company pays for complete tests at the rate of US$150 and once a suitable compiler has been selected and authenticated, I can assure you future paid work for compiling and authoring of skillprover test material.

I am based in the UK and my company is Skillprover UK Ltd. Please let me know if you would be interested so we can proceed to the next stage which would be the submission of your CV. It would be an advantage to have a PayPal account. We have started to develop tests only in the last 3 months and we have 20 developers already.

I am interested in applications from all over the world and you will need a minum of 5 years experience in developing Oracle Applications. The use of Oracle specific features apply to the database programming test and would include PL/SQL extentions (rather than ANSI SQL).

If you unable to help then not to worry.

Kind regards.

Daniel Small AREC MIAP
+44 845 644 7885