Full table scan on query using primary key?
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Thread: Full table scan on query using primary key?

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    Angry Full table scan on query using primary key?

    I am using Oracle on Windows 2000. I have the following query which was generated from Java. When I try to get an explain plan it is telling me that it is doing a full table scan on uln, even though tpfdd_runid_uln is the primary key. If I hint the index, the cost goes way up but the response time is infinitely faster. Can anyone explain why this is? I enclosed the files, they are html files saved with a .txt extension so that I could upload them.

      SELECT uln_syn.poe_ald_cal AS grp0, SUM ( uln_syn.sumoftotal_stons ) tot0
        FROM uln_syn
                SELECT ca_keys.comp_key
                  FROM ca_keys
                 WHERE ca_keys.comp_id = '0x080e00000107235e9e7f0a1428098124'
    					AND uln_syn.tpfdd_runid_uln = ca_keys.comp_key)
      GROUP BY uln_syn.poe_ald_cal;
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