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Thread: Spooling output to another server

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    Oct 2005
    At least for my part - forgive me if my posts were overly passionate, the idea is to find better ways - not to remark on your solution.

    I've just been in your position before, faced similar situations before.

    Don't know what your architecture is - not sure I can comment further on "pulling the plug" inside a transaction and having data move to a backup database.

    Let us know how it works out for you...
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    Oct 2005
    will do, thanks for the adivce, you've saved me alot of embarassment and alot of IT diskpace!!!

    take care.

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    can't agree more - tomcat.

    Some solutions that may seem stupid would be the best one in many circumstances...
    There is always a better way to do the things.

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