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Thread: modifying a column

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    Thanks guys,
    I can't use a trigger because the column is not going to be updated. They are new(blanK) columns that new customer will put in thier activity_id. So it's a one time thing, it's not like it will be updated at a later time. The idea is that incase customers forget to put in thier activity_id, then it should default to 000. So i don't think a trigger will work.
    To answer tamil's question, I have tried to make the column NULL and NOT NULL but none of them seem to work. Also during the insert I don't specify the column. I have also tried specyfying the column as well but still, it's not working out.
    When the front-end that uses power builder tries to insert data into that column, it comes out blank instead of 000

    Any more ideas?

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    From what charity is describing, I am sure that triggers will not help, but I can't think of any way right now? Sorry.

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    How is the column inseted into the DB?
    Is it thru a JAVA or XML application? Like thru a web-site?

    - Magnus

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