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Thread: Recreate redologs in 9i RAC

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    Question Recreate redologs in 9i RAC

    Can someone give me the specific steps and syntaxes on
    how to recreate redologs in a RAC environment?
    I know hot to do this in a single instance but with RAC
    I'm not really sure due to the second thread in node 2,etc.


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    amazing what the docs say about stuff like ths

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    Thanks. I have seen this part of the documentation. The documentation has steps that needs to be followed when creating threads in a RAC environment. That's not what I'm looking for. What I can't find on metalink or any other documentation is the steps invloved in recreating redo logs in a RAC environment. If you remember, on metalink there are a couple of documentation with the exact Specific steps that
    you can accomplish this in a single instance environment. I'm looking for that same similar steps as it pertains to a RAC environment.
    1. Create new logs on Node 1 by doing this.....
    2. Create threads on node 2 ......
    3. Switch log on this ..............
    4. Drop log groups on this.............

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