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Thread: Help on Pro*C

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    Help on Pro*C

    Environment: WINDOWS, AIX, oracle 9i, pro*C Release

    Objective: in Pro*C Get the full query when there is an SQLERROR

    Actually, we get the statement of the PC Class with the method SQLStmtGetText()

    But the statement have this form :

    ‘select serr_code ,serr_excp ,serr_type_mess ,mess_iden ,serr_enrg ,rowid into :b0:b1,:b2:b3,:b4:b5,:b6:b7,:b8:b9,:b10 from SERR where SERR_CODE=:b11’

    then we are trying to replace :b0…. By its values using sqlstm.sqhstv (for data) and sqlstm.sqhstl (for the size of data)

    but if we have an varchar which have the same size than an integer or a double then we convert it as an integer or a double.


    1/ is there any structure, or method which help us to know if the data in sqhstv is a character or a number ?

    2/ is there any method, like SQLStmtGetText(), which send back the full query with the :b0…replaced ?


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    The Pro *C development guide has an example of sqlgls function which returns the most recent sql statement executed.


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