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    ORA-01406 : fetched column value truncated


    i am getting this error:

    ORA-01406 : fetched column value truncated

    ther are around 50,000 rows . None of the rows exceed the length of the datatype.

    any help much appreciated

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    The Oracle Doc explain:
    ORA-01405 fetched column value is NULL
    Cause: The INTO clause of a FETCH operation contained a NULL value, and
    no indicator was used. The column buffer in the program remained unchanged,
    and the cursor return code was +2. This is an error unless you are running
    Oracle with DBMS=6, emulating version 6, in which case it is only a warning.
    Action: You may do any of the following:
    1. Use the NVL function to convert the retrieved NULL to another value, such
    as zero or blank. This is the simplest solution.
    2. Use an indicator to record the presence of the NULL. You probably should
    use this option when you want a specific action to be taken when a NULL
    3. Revise the cursor definition so that no columns possibly containing NULL
    values are retrieved.

    You can cousult these words to debug.

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