My name is obaid and i am oracle DBA.

I am in trouble installing oracle 10g release on solaris 9 intel x86 box.When i start the installation and reach to SPECIFY FILE LOCATION WINDOW where i enter a
path=/export/home/u01/app/oracle and then press ok.i see a WARNING window that says;

"You have specified a non-empty directory to install this product.It is recommanded to specify either an empty directory or non-existant directory.You may,however choose to ignore this message if the directory contains operating system generated files or subdirectories like LOST+FOUND.Do you want to procceed with the installation in this oracle home."

At this point i checked the space on hard drive by using a command

#df -h /export/home/u01/app/oracle

the out come was

FILESYSTEM /dev/dsk/c0d0s7
Capacity 5%
Mounted ON /export/home

but here i see that i have enough space in /export/home/u01/app/oracle dirrectory so i ignored the warning and pressed YES to proceed with the installation.So after that point installation went through fine and when i reached to the window named SELECT DATABASE CONFIGURATION.in this window i selected the specific option and then pressed next so the installation graph reached to 87% (status was showing PROCESSING iSQLPLUS )and then afterwards it hangs.

sorry about long detail but please help me out in this situation.