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Thread: Best way to learn oracle cheap

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    Best way to learn oracle cheap

    Hello all,

    I am coming up on graduating from school and am wanting to learn some oracle skills. It seems all the training is very expensive for some reason, I was wondering if their are any good teach yourself routes ie. good books, that might be more affordable for me? Or, is the expensive training is really worth it? Even at the community college Oracle training is much more than any of the other technology stuff. I have a pretty good background to get started I think, I've taken a couple database classes that were more about design than actual programming, and I have some pretty good hands on linux experience. Thanks for any suggestions!


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    read the docs at (and understand it)

    download it from (free for playing with)

    earch the web for stuff you find hard to grasp

    no need to spend fortunes

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    wow looks like lots of good stuff on that site, thanks for the link. should keep me busy for a while..

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