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    I have an assignment for college due soon but i'm stuck on my database

    If anyone can help me pleas email or add me to MSN messenger on Paypal $$ rewards to anyone that can help me since this is kinda urgent!

    I have 4 things to run, create commands,constraints,inserts and drop commands. Since create and drop commands are pretty simple i dont think i've gone wrong there but the other 2 seem to have messed up somehow as i get a plethora of errors when i try to run them!

    So please email me if you have any knowledge on the matter.

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    Sure, I'll do it. I get $300 an hour, how many hours you want?
    Jeff Hunter
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    Quote Originally Posted by marist89
    Sure, I'll do it. I get $300 an hour, how many hours you want?

    this site is full of vultures...disgusting...i'll be glad to help for $299.50/hr
    I'm stmontgo and I approve of this message

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