Upgrade from SE to EE (Oracle 10g)
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Thread: Upgrade from SE to EE (Oracle 10g)

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    Upgrade from SE to EE (Oracle 10g)

    Can anyone here please tell me how complicated/easy it is to upgrade from Oracle 10g database SE to EE. What are the implications with regards to options, if I want to purchase that at a later point in time? By basic question is, will there be system downtime on any such detail during the process of upgrade?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Im curious about it too ...

    But less me guess....since they are of the same version, I think
    its not complicated. You just have to extract/install the software
    from EE cd which are not available on SE cd.

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    It's pretty simple according to this note (Metalink Note:117048.1)

    In brief you need to:

    1. Backup the database
    2. De-install the SE software
    3. Install the EE software (optionally on Unix in a new ORACLE_HOME)
    4. If you have an existing database, point your ORACLE_SID to this pre-existing database
    5. Startup the database
    6. Run the "catalog.sql" and "catproc.sql" scripts, as usual.


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