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    681 patch for RAC AIX 5L

    Hi Friends,

    I havent done a RAC implem yet and i want to learn about it. I'm reading docs about RAC patching, and here is part of the instructions:

    Installing the Patch for AIX 5L

    1. Log in as the Oracle software owner (typically oracle).

    2. If you are not installing the software on the local system,
    enter the following command to direct X applications to display
    on the local system:

    Bourne, Bash, or Korn shell:

    $ DISPLAY=local_host:0.0 ; export DISPLAY

    3. Enter the following commands to start the Installer, where
    patchset_directory is the directory where you unzipped the patch set software:

    $ cd patchset_directory/Disk1
    $ ./runInstaller

    4. On the Welcome screen, click Next.

    5. On the Specify File Locations screen, click Browse next to the Path field in
    the Source section.

    6. Select the products.xml file from the stage directory where you unpacked the
    patch set files, then click Next. For example:


    7. In the Name field in the Destination section, select the name of the Oracle
    home that you want to update from the drop down list, then click Next.

    8. If you are installing the patch set on a RAC cluster, click Next when the
    Selected Nodes screen appears.


    The Selected Nodes screen lists the existing Oracle9i RAC release 2 (9.2) nodes.
    The first node in the list is the node from where Oracle9i RAC release 2 (9.2)
    was installed. You must install the patch set software from this node. If this
    is not the node where you are running the Installer, exit the Installer and
    install the patch set software from the first node in the list of nodes.

    9. On the Summary screen, click Install.

    This screen lists all of the patches available for installation.

    10. When prompted, run the $ORACLE_HOME/root.sh script as the root user.
    If you are applying the patch set to a RAC installation, then run the
    root.sh script on each node of the cluster.

    11. On the End of Installation screen, click Exit, then click Yes to exit from the Installer.

    ======== end =======

    My question is, on #8 Note....
    1. Does it means that I only have to patch one node? (which is
    the oracle_home of the first node that appears on the list).
    2. How about tha other oracle_home on the other nodes? what
    will happen to them.
    On #10...
    3. How do I run root.sh to all other nodes, do i copy or ftp it to
    the other nodes? or remote execute the file? any special run

    Thanks a lot
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