ocopy command for hotbackup
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Thread: ocopy command for hotbackup

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    I am trying for online backup
    My settings are
    Database Log Mode -- Archive Mode
    Automatic Archival -- Enabled

    While taking the backup of tablespaces and I the script I used

    Alter tablespace users begin backup;

    host ocopy80 d:\oracle\oradata\mydb\users01.dbf h:\backup\user01.bak

    Alter tablespace users end backup;

    However when I checked in h:\backup directory there is no file
    named users01.bak. Then I changed the the command from ocopy80
    to simple copy in dos i.e.

    host copy d:\oracle\oradata\mydb\users01.dbf h:\backup\user01.bak

    Here I can see the file users01.bak in h:\backup.
    Is this the correct as I found ocopy80 in oracle 8.0.3 manual
    and I am using Oracle 8.1.6 ?

    What Is then command to take backup In Linux ?
    Do I have to use cp or other command ?


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    I don't know about the ocopy command, I just use the operating system commands which as you saw seemed to work fine.

    In linux you can use cp.

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    you can also use the bang ! operator in linux/unix..
    alter tablespace <ts> begin back up;
    ! cp /absolute path of source /destination
    alter tablespace <ts> end back up;

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    I couldn't find anything called ocopy in 8i.
    I checked in $ORACLE_HOME/bin of 8.1.5 and 8.1.7 Versions


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    I use OCOPY and it works fine but I'm running on WINNT.
    Try using the OCOPY without the 80.


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    Ocopy is not a command of oracle buta command for NT . It is for operating system .

    The difference between copy and Ocopy is that when you say copy it locks the access of teh files and does not let anyone else use it which may create a problem during a hot backup . Hence fo that teh ocopy command is there . It minimises locking of these files at the operating system level.

    try to use Ocopy for NT

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    hi ,

    thanks for reply ,
    I found the ocopy command in my NT with 8.1.6
    However I found no such command in Linux with 8.1.5
    Which command I should use in my script for it
    !cp orany other


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