I'm trying to get a sanity check of Oracle Advanced Security up and running - just verify the most basic of basic things: turn on simple encryption.

My sqlnet.ora file (10.1) as per examples in the manual:
sqlnet.cryptoseed = "j90823j09j09rj390jo93r2"
sqlnet.encryption_server = accept
sqlnet.encryption_types_server = (des)
sqlnet.crypto_checksum_server = accept
sqlnet.crypto_checksum_types_server = (sha1, md5)
sqlnet.encryption_types_client = (des)
sqlnet.crypto_checksum_types_client = (sha1, md5)

When I try to connect from the same machine using sqlplus, I get ORA-12657 no algorithms installed.

What am I missing? All I've done is install OAS from OUI, then edited my sqlnet.ora file. No dice. Are the algorithms installed separately?