I have a procedure to send an email (using UTL_SMTP) in the database.
The message body should be a list of records from a table.

What would be an efficient method for creating the message body?

I was thinking of declaring a char variable to hold the text and LOOPING through the table . For every record found it would append the 2 column char string to the string variable with a CHR(10) to throw a new line.

So (Pseudo code)
v_2_col_char_string VARCHAR2(100);
var_string VARCHAR2(4000);
SELECT colA||' - '||colB
FROM table
WHERE x = y...;
OPEN c1 ...
LOOP ...
FETCH INTO v_2_col_char_string;
Var_string := var_string||v_2_col_char_string||CHR(10);

THEN CALLING MY mail procedure:

SEND_MAIL(recipient, from, var_string ...);

Is there a more efficient or neater way of doing what I'm after?