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Thread: getting connection is very slow from oracle

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    getting connection is very slow from oracle

    Hi everybody,
    could someone help me?
    i have two similar oracle 9i databases with similar parameter setting and same is on a Proliant server and the other is on a normal pc.I wrote a java program that executes near 800 queries on both databases.when i use a single connection for executing all queries in my program, the proliant responses about 4 times faster but when i make a connection per each query, the pc is two times faster.I think my oracle on the pc makes the connection faster than the proliant. How can i improve time to getting connection from oracle on the proliant?

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    put tracing on in the client - see what you are waiting on

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    how can i put tracing on in my jdbc client?

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    If you are using jdbc 3.0 from sun then

    If you use the DriverManager facility to establish your database connection, you use the DriverManager.setLogWriter method to enable tracing of JDBC operations.

    If you use a DataSource object to get a connection, you use the DataSource.setLogWriter method to enable tracing.

    For pooled connections, you use the ConnectionPoolDataSource.setLogWriter method,

    and for connections that can participate in distributed transactions, you use the XADataSource.setLogWriter method

    what jdbc driver are you using


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