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    standards for Oracle database utilisation levels


    Can we get an industry or published standards for Oracle database utilisation levels. We are looking to compare against things such as:
    1. cpu utilisation
    2. disk utilisation - % of tablespace allocated v's tablespace used
    3. disk utilisation - % of total disk allocated v's total disk used (for the datafiles, archivelog, etc. to use)
    4. number of databases managed per DBA (ie. 1 DBA manages 10 databases).

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    You aim is to get 100% cpu utilisation with no-one waiting for anything. Then you chose the perfect hardware for your project

    I wouldnt want my disks going above 80%

    number of databases - there is no standard, you look after what you have. Will find a range of answers here

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    Quote Originally Posted by dilipbabu_184
    4. number of databases managed per DBA (ie. 1 DBA manages 10 databases).
    How complex and how critical is the database? How many application runs in the database? A database does not necessary house one application only

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    Thanks Dave

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    With regard to point 3, what you may find to be of more importance is the speed of the disk arrays, rather then their capacity. The ratio of storage space to speed on disks has been growing so much that you can easily be using only 30% of your available disk Gb and find yourself in trouble in terms of Mb/sec.
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