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    windows 2000 allows usage of 8gb of physical memory.

    oracle can take advantage of this. I read across that for oracle to use > 3gb, some steps need to be performed

    1) /PAE , /3GB option need to set in boot.ini. This allows windows to see all available physical memory.

    2) oracle parameter, USER_INDIRECT_DATA_BUFFERS=TRUE

    3) key \\hkey_local_machine\software\oracle\ there might be several subdirectories HOME0, HOME1...etc. Find the oracle-home subkey for the oracle-software of the database for which you want to use >3GB of memory

    3.1) ADD the value AWE_WINDOW_MEMORY. Add it as string value. With this parmater you specify the amount of memory out of the db_block_buffers, that is allocated in the first 3GB of addressable memory

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    so whats the question?

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