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    pls-00049/ View From a Button

    1 I have created one table

    item_master (item_id varchar2(4)
    (sub_item_code varchar2(4)
    (description varchar(100)

    i have created a form using this table and add a button on this form. I wish to view all records of this table (on pressed) using this created button on this form. How to do

    2. I have created two tables
    a.) item_master (item_id varchar2(4)
    sub_item_code varchar2(4)
    description varchar2(100)

    b.) audit_cust (item_no varchar2(4)
    description varchar2(100)
    i have createds a trigger as given below

    create or replace trigger viewall
    before update on item_master
    for each row
    --description varchar2(100);
    insert into audit_cust values (ld.description);

    when compiling it shows erros. I have tried with both the option i.e removing declare & without removing declare. In both the cases it show erros as

    4/32 PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'OLD.DESCRIPTION'

    pl help


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    sorry, just deleting.
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