I am performaing a 10G RAC install for the first time and having problems.

I have got to the Selected Nodes Screen in the OUI and it lists just node1. I am trying to install on a 2 node cluster i.e. node1 and node2.

The last line from the install log is as follows
Performing operation for OUI access setup
The output of olsnodes is node1,node2

I am presuming this information should be fed back to the installer and both nodes presented to be installed on.

Is this normal behaviour or as I suspect if i proceed lead to the Database Server software being Installed on just the node I am running the install from.

I have checked my private IP interconnect and public IP adresses by pinging them from both nodes, also the output of the crsctl check css is as follows on both nodes indicating the CRS are healthy

$ORA_CRS_HOME/bin/crsctl check css
CSS daemon appears healthy.

Any ideas anyone ?

Thanks in Advance,