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    Hi , I just wonder that Oracle 8i database can include the Oracle 7 's exp utility where I want to export out the Oracle 8 datafile and import back to Oracle 7 database. As I know, Oracle not allow for downward compatibility. Any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can use the Oracle8 import utility to import an Oracle8 export into an Oracle7

    Have you installed oracle7 and oracle8 on the same machine in different
    home directories?
    If so ensure the ORACLE_SID is set to the database you want to import
    into and the database is in the Oracle8 tnsnames.ora file.
    You can then run the oracle8 import utility to fire the import into the oracle7 db.
    Move to the Oracle8 bin directory and run
    imp username/password@<db connection string> file=XXX log=YYY......

    where <db connection string> is the NET8 connection id to the Oracle7 database.

    If the databases are on different machines you'll have to install the
    oracle8 utilities and Net8 into a different home directory on the Oracle7 box before
    running the above.

    It worked for me!!

    Hope this is clear - I don't think it reads to well...Any Problems and I'll try to
    rewrite it..


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    Check out [url]http://osi.oracle.com/wa/ask/owa/ask_tom_pkg.display?p_dispid=820826902083[/url]
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