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Thread: Oracle RAC init.ora parameters

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    Oracle RAC init.ora parameters

    What would you recommend for the following parameters in a 2 node RAC database, should the locations to which they point be on shared storage or not ?
    We are using OCFS Version 1 and a database.
    I am in the process of creating my first RAC database and I am a little confused.

    The parameters in question are:-


    Should each instance have its own location for each of the above as I would view them as being instance specific as opposed tied to the database.

    Reading notes on Metalink it would appear that they have only a single location that is database wide as opposed to instance specific.

    Any advice or help would be much appreciated,

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    if you are using ocfs you cant put alert logs, trace files on them - its not posix compliant (yet)

    we keep those directories local to each server, i think it provides a 'cleaner' solution as you can see what instance is producing what easier.

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    What i think I realised last night whilst musing this over in bed last is that the $ORACLE_BASE/admin//bdump directories are infact using the db_name and not the instance_name - therefore as there will only be one locally mounted disk of the same name visible on each node this is where my confusion arose i believe. Hopefully the Unix guys will get my boxes prepared and i can have a go at installing :-)

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