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    Question A tricky query needed

    I have two rows in my table myTable

    Row Name Flag1 Flag2 Number
    1 Primary Y N 1234
    2 Secondary N Y 4444

    I need a query which needs to fetch a single row like this

    Row Name Number
    1 Primary 4444

    The condition is like this
    The resultant record should pick the Name iff the Flag1 is Y and the Number iff the Flag2 is Y.

    Note: If I use 'Flag1 and Flag2' in my where clause I get don't get any records... If I use 'Flag1 or Flag2' I get two records but I want only one

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    you can use pivot option

    1 select max(decode(rownum,1,col1,NULL)) col1
    2 ,max(decode(rownum,2,col1,NULL)) col2
    3 from (
    4 select rownum ,fl1
    5 ,case when fl1='Y' then col1 else to_char(val) end col1
    6 from foo1
    7* )
    SQL> /

    COL1 COL2
    ---------------------------------------- -------------------------
    primary 4444

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