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Thread: need a query without using union

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    need a query without using union

    object :
    To get the details from user who are not having any contact.

    1.user table
    owner -> uid
    owner have more users.

    the contact may be on two ways

    2. Interaction table
    Rel columns => interaction_uid = owner.uid

    3. opportunity (o) -> interaction (i), user (u) table

    Rel.columns => 1.i.interaction_uid = u.owner_uid and
    2. i.parent_oid = o.uid
    3. value < 5 (where condi)

    relationship is like this.

    select user_name,uid from user
    where uid not in
    (select interaction_uid
    from interaction i, opportunity o
    where i.parent_uid = o.uid
    and o.value < 5
    select interaction_uid from user u,interaction i
    where u.uid = i.interaction_uid )
    and o_uid = '&owner_id'

    i have written the query using union clause.
    but developer want to written in sql without using union .ie. using joins

    tks in advance
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