Greetings All.

I'm currently developing an eCommerce solution using the PL/SQL gateway with 9iAS and, having reached the internal testing phase, the ordering system appears to be working as it should, so long as you're using anything other than MSIE 4.x or Opera. If you attempt to run any of the stored procedures using either of these two, you get what looks like a standard server-side PL/SQL error page only there is no Oracle-specific error code, only the frustratingly cryptic: 'Name ".x" has an empty part'.

I suspect that the browser is not correctly submitting some specific MIME type information but, equally, I could be completely off the mark and could easily have made some screw up in my PL/SQL code...

Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated as I would rather hang myself than tell potential users that they have to have a certain browser type in order to use the system.