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    10g RAC Shared Storage question

    Sorry for the potentially ridiculous question, but I was curious if a standard box running 2k or 2k3 server would work as a "Shared Storage" device.

    My goal is to simply purchase 3 cheap Dell servers, use two as Nodes, and the third as storage ( this will be a test environment only of course ).

    Being a strictly test environment, I definitely do not want to spend 4K+ on a SAN device... I have read about using the FireWire external drive as a solution which I will assume will work for a Microsoft environment, not just Linux? ( I have only read of the drives being used w/ Linux nodes ).

    Again, sorry for such a ... silly question. ( And hopefully I posted in the right spot ).


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    Alternatively buy one PC, VMware and do your playing on that:



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    Yeah, I came across that too. However once I'm done destroying the RAC setup, and others are done doing what they want to do with it, we will probably have other uses for the hardware.

    I just don't want to order a 3rd server as storage unless I'm sure I can use it as Shared Storage.


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